Monday, July 23, 2012

Good & Bad News

The good news is as of this moment all of the swaps we have received have been opened, photographed, envelope made for their penny return and posted on our blog ...

The bad news is I need 359 more pennies (as of this moment - that could change tomorrow) to fulfill the envelopes I have sitting here and I have 126 pennies left ...

I have to order more which could take a couple of weeks ... and I go on vacation the first week of August so I am afraid some people are going to have to wait until Mid August to get their pennies ...

I feel horrible about it ... but this last batch I just went through I had people asking for 30 or 40 or 50 pennies so I wasn't prepared for that ... I already sent out 118 this morning too for envelopes that had been sitting here for some time ...

So I am off to place my order for more pennies ... and scrounge up the money to pay for them ... and tonight I'll pack up pennies for the smaller amounts and those troops that requested a very large amount I will get them to you as soon as I possibly can ...

Camp Evening Shade - Mechanicsville, VA

Troop 10055 - Scotts, NC

Troop 2119 - South Mills, NC

Troop 4079 - Lake Placid, NY

Troop 41621 - Lawrenceburg, IN

Troop 3362 & 2423 - Mechanicsville, MD

Troop 60180 - Rush, NY

Troop 1288 - Garner, NC

Troop 1625 - Iowa City, IA

Troop 50066 - Stamford, CT

Troop 520 - Kokomo, IN

Troop 5126 - Mountain Home, AR

Troop 10816 - Harrisburg, PA

Troop 1994 - Glenwood, MD

Troop 1138 - Lynchburg, VA

Troop 44490 - Reading, OH

Troop 141 - New Iberia, LA

Troop 1404 - Herndon, VA

Troop 4183 - Fresh Meadows, NY

Troop 31399 - Wilmington OH