Thursday, May 31, 2012

How It Started

So while trying to come up with our SWAPS for Rock The Mall I came across the following information on some random site:

A Penny And The Girl Scout Story:

"Lincoln symbolizes the ideal we have towards our country as Girl Scouts.
The inscription, 'In God We Trust' reminds us of a Supreme Being. The Lincoln Memorial symbolizes what we are working towards as Girl Scouts...

Building strong citizens, thus forming a strong structure. The three steps
represent the three parts of the Girl Scout promise.

The ten columns remind us of the Girl Scout Law. The Promise and the Law support Girl Scouting. The open door symbolizes our open hearts to all.

The Latin 'E. Pluribus Unum' reminds us that while there are many of us here, we are all united in Girl Scouting.

This penny symbolizes the many rewards we receive during our lifetime. Rewards not in money or gifts, but in a smile of a friend, a handshake of a new friend and the knowledge and pride gained in doing the best you can in reaching your life's goal. Keep this penny...every once in a while look at it and remember what it means." 

So at first we thought we could collect a ton of pennies and drill a hole in them ... add this info on a tag ... pop in a safety pin and woohoooooo we have our Rock The Mall SWAPS ... 

But then someone some link on a site led me to custom squished pennies ... there used to be a squished penny museum in DC and I looked to see if it was still around hoping they would let us use their machine ... 

If time allows I may still make a tag with the above info our our pennies ... but they do have this web address on them and if people are so inclined they can read all about it right here ...